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Selected Projects - Suspended Mirrors


Choose the options that better suit your interior.

Whether you are looking for a mirror that can be ceiling mounted in front of a window; for a double sided mirror that can be hung over a bathroom island; with back or front illumination; demister pad or a touchless sensor switch option; we will help you find the best solution.

Ceiling suspended mirrors are the perfect solution when: 

  • a mirror cannot hang from the wall. 
  • it is used in front of a window. 
  • it is used in the middle of a room and may need to be double sided. 
  • or just as a special and unique design focal point.  


Check our DYOM Options & Finishes to see all the available options:

  • double sidedmirror
  • backing in a finish that matches the frame
  • frame finishes: brass (brushed, polished or with a bronze patina), copper, stainless steel, blackened metal, powder coated aluminium in a range of standard or bespoke colours
  • full frame that extends to the front of the mirror
  • mirror tints: standard silver, black, bronze, blue, rose gold / peach
  • back-illuminationcreating a halo effect
  • front-illuminationaround the periphery of the mirror
  • ON/OFF sensor switch
  • demister pad
  • bevel

You can then begin Designing Your Own Mirror via our DYOM Design Form.