Designers - The Design Foundry


John Bowman and Tanushri Wahi founded The Design Foundry in Delhi, India, in 2006. Firmly established as a leading contemporary metal design studio, it was a natural progression from many years of outstanding design work by its founding members.

Together they are well known to have aesthetically assimilated traditional Indian techniques and craft for the contemporary context. The natural beauty of the Himalayas is what inspires the visual content of their work and it manifests itself in a language that is not just very elegant and visually striking, but at the same time easily understood.

Tanushri Wahi says ‘As a designer, the principle of contrast and balance really excites me. The visual language of minimalism seen in architecture and design, and the absence of layered tactility in these spaces, inspires me. Hence an emphasis on nature, and an attempt to bring it back into people’s environments in bronze, immortalising it in some way’.

The Design Foundry collaborates closely with architects, interior designers and landscape architects to create or co-create spaces, sculptural features, art installations and bespoke furniture, hardware and home accessories. Its dedicated team of designers and master craftsmen constantly work to deliver quality products, finished with conscious care. They have worked on celebrated hotels and astonishing residences around India.

They are partnered with Alguacil & Perkoff in the UK where they together have worked on numerous projects based in London. John & Tanushri are now developing and creating exclusive collections of products, furniture and decorative art with Alguacil & Perkoff for the overseas market.