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Sunrise™ Antiqued and Finely Etched Illuminated Mirror with Blackened Metal Frame


The Sunrise™ mirror ingeniously and expertly combines the art of design with traditional craft techniques and modern technology to achieve both timeless chic and elegance or bold modernity when back-lit as the pattern becomes vibrant.

The simple and attractive pattern is very finely etched using the innovative Filigree Glass™ technique onto a beautifully and partially antiqued silver mirror.

Advanced technology in LED lighting is used to back-illuminate the mirror surface, bringing the discrete pattern to life. The black fine art frame completes the impeccable, high quality and artistic finish of the mirror.

The manufacturing of antiqued mirrors is a very manual, highly skilled, and specialised process. It is therefore a very subjective, artistic and individualistic process. No two mirrors can truly be the same, making them truly unique.

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