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Ceiling Suspended Mirrors Projects

Ceiling suspended mirrors are part of a growing and global trend that greatly increases the portfolio of solutions available to designers when specifying mirrors. Not only can they be used in spaces where a traditional wall hanging mirror is not an option, but they also provide a great opportunity to make a real design statement in a bathroom or in any space in residential and hospitality projects, or in luxury marine vessels such as super yachts.



Picture credits: Ceiling Suspended Ovalis mirror for Mackenzie Reid Design, US

Picture credits: Ceiling Suspended Capsula Mirror with Bespoke Anthracite Grey Frame (left) / Front Illuminated mirror, Private residency, Paris, France (right)

Picture credits: Ceiling Suspended Quadris mirror for private residency, Norway


Picture credits: Ceiling Suspended Quadris™ Mirror with Back Illumination for Chelsea Design Construction, CA, US (left) Private Residency (right)


At Alguacil & Perkoff we pride ourselves in our creative solutions and unique designs. Our collection of ceiling suspended mirrors is no exception and includes a range of contemporary and mid-century inspired pieces. Original and beautifully hand-crafted, they combine high quality designs and functionality to create eye-catching yet practical focal points.


Picture credits: Ceiling Suspended Orbis™ mirror for Private Residency, US

Ceiling suspended mirrors are the perfect solution when a mirror cannot be hung from the wall because: 

- It is not possible or not desirable to drill into that wall,
- it is used in front of a window,
- it is used in the middle of a room or above an island and may require to be - double sided,
- it is used in bathrooms with space limitations


Picture credits: Pair of Ceiling Suspended Orbis front illuminated mirrors for Desertrain Interiors, US
Picture credits: Ceiling Suspended Quadris™ Front Illuminated Double sided mirror for Home Base Design, US


Our strength is in the unique high quality full customisation service available for those mirrors including their shape, number of arms, drop, frame finish and mirror tint. Additional features such as bevelling, illumination, demister pads and On/Off sensors are also available on request. See a range of bespoke options and finishes for suspended mirrors


Picture credits: Ceiling Suspended  Quadris™ Front Illuminated Double sided mirror for Eva Victoria ID, London, UK 




Picture credits: Ceiling Suspended Vintage mirror for designer Ken Fulk, WOW!House 2024, London, UK. Photography James McDonald



A beautiful and elegant look is important for the back just as much as the front of those mirrors. A few options are therefore available to ensure the design is perfect whichever way one looks at it. 


Picture credits: Ceiling Suspended Hexagonal Front Illuminated mirror


Picture credits: Ceiling Suspended Ergon mirror


Unsure of what you want or can't see what you need? We also work on commissions to make our client's vision a reality.